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Your air ducts are necessary to supply hot and cold air to each room in your building. When you need work done on your ducts, reach out to the pros at Wayne Refrigeration Air and Heat. We offer high-quality air duct installation and repair services for residents in and around Rochelle Park & Elmwood Park, NJ. Rely on us to design ductwork that fits your space perfectly.

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Know the signs that you need duct repairs

Know the signs that you need duct repairs

How can you tell if your ducts are damaged? Moldy smells and high energy bills are two of the many warning signs that you have problems with your ducts.

Find out if you need air duct repairs by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do you hear loud banging or rattling sounds in your vents?
  • Do you see dust, debris or pests hanging around your vents?
  • Do you feel different temperatures throughout your building?

If your senses are telling you there’s a problem with your ducts, don’t ignore them. Call 201-981-0852 ASAP to schedule air duct repair services Rochelle Park, NJ or the surrounding areas.